• Financial Report

    Financial Report

    The Gathering Place - Financial Report
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  • Our Ministries

    Our Ministries

    Put your gifting to good use in our ministry. God wants to use you in the most significant ways!

  • Revolution Nights

    Revolution Nights

    Wednesday Nights are Revolution Nights. Come ready to be called to impact your world!

  • Online Giving

    Online Giving

    Plant your seed in fertile kingdom soil. We offer a secure and easy way to give online

  • HisKids


    Watch children grow in wisdom, faith and friendship via small groups and discipleship.

Welcome to TGP. We are a church committed to Worship, Family and the Presence of God.

In our relatively short history, we have had hundreds and hundreds of services, and we’ve seen God change people’s lives in incredible ways.

We’ve had lots of parties and picnics, we’ve camped, bowled, fished, built and fixed things together. We’ve celebrated weddings and new babies and all of God’s blessings in each other’s lives, and prayed each other through the hard times, sickness and lost loved ones. As with any family, these things have brought us closer together. Through all the years and all the changes, The Gathering Place remains a place where the body ministers to the body, where we are encouraged to be God’s hands and feet in whatever walk
of life The Lord has called us to. We learn that God wants to use us to reach the world and that we are called to be His representative in our homes, our schools, our jobs and wherever we are. To do whatever we do with excellence that represents Jesus to our world. We have only just begun, and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for The Gathering Place in the coming years. Meanwhile we continue to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE and LIVE LIFE together and we are so glad that you are visiting us!