I’m New Here…

I’m New Here…

The Gathering Place is a church committed to Worship, Family and the Presence of God. We are one people with one call, to help people become fully engaged in their walk with God.

We are called to be a New Testament standard church where the body ministers to the body, where God’s people are equipped to do the work of the ministry, and that ministry is then put into their hands.  We want the members of our church family to know that God has a call and plan for each of them, and that He has created each one of them with unique qualities and gifts that only they have.  Our role here at TGP is to help each member grow in God and reach the full potential of what God has called him or her to do.

We are committed to a life of Worship and seeking God’s presence.  We believe this is the foundation of our relationship with God.  Our services are focused on Worshipping God and inviting His presence into our lives.  This is how we are changed and how we grow.  Our worship is presence-driven and purpose-filled. The purpose being that when we are in God’s presence in worship, only then can he truly bring about change in us.

The Word of God is also a foundation of our life here at The Gathering Place.  We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God.  We believe that studying and applying God’s Word to our lives is essential to being part of God’s family.  The Bible is our guide through each and every situation we face, our blueprint for our lives.  The teaching of the Word at The Gathering Place is an important tool for equipping God’s people to do His work.

We are also a church committed to nurturing the family.  We believe that a healthy church is made up of healthy families.  We believe that our first ministry is in our homes, and that we have to first represent Jesus to our family before we can represent Him to the world.  Our goal is to help all our members be the very best husbands, wives, parents, sons and daughters that we can be.  We want The Gathering Place to be a church where marriages are strengthened and healed, and where parents and children can grow in their relationships with God and each other.  Pastor Sam has said that he believes God’s plan for the Gathering Place is to be a lasting memory in the heart of a child.  We want the children that grow up in TGP to remember God’s house as a place that they loved to be!  We want to build a church not just for us, but as an inheritance for our children and grandchildren.  We want to see a continual harvest for many generations to come.
Finally, the reason for all of this is to share what we have with the lost.  The reason God saved us all is so He can use us to reach others.  All of these things we do are to equip us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.   We believe that God wants to use all of us, no matter what our job is in life, and that we are all uniquely qualified to play our role in His kingdom.

Most people won’t be reached from the platform, but by God’s people being an extension of His love to their friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers.  The work of the ministry is for everyone. This is our vision here at TGP; to equip God’s people for the work of His kingdom, by being in His presence in Worship, Studying His word, and building strong relationships.We sum it all up in one simple phrase that encompasses all we do here at THE GATHERING PLACE. LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, LIVE LIFE