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October: Children’s Ministry Update

Curriculum: Right now our preschoolers are on the ONE2ONE Series setting the foundation of their own walk with Jesus. They’ve learned about Salvation, Lordship, Re-pentance, Forgiveness, God’s Word and this week they will learn about Prayer. We’ve seen such an amazing growth in these little ones! For our older kids in His Kids they’ve learned about Noah’s Ark, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Adam and Eve and right now we are learning about the Days of Creation. Hagan and I, along with all our volunteers, enjoy being apart of your child’s learning! We are all so proud of how much they’ve already learned!
Miracles: We’ve already seen so many amazing things take place and I believe it’s just the beginning! A few Wednesday’s ago we prayed for a little boy who had two bumps on his ankle, he told the whole class that his mommy had put every type of medicine on it but they wouldn’t go away. We as a class decided we would believe that Jesus would heal those two bumps like He said He would. We reminded ourselves that Jesus died on the cross for all our booboo’s! We prayed for the little boy and nothing happened, the children asked me if we could pray again, so we did! The second time nothing happened, we prayed a third time and still nothing. I shared an example of how I had knee pain and Jesus told me to pray for myself every day to build up my faith and He would soon take it away. After 2 months I realized one day that I hadn’t had knee pain for a while and I was healed! After I told that story I literally saw faith arise in those little eyes of theirs! We encouraged the little boy and after checking back after a few weeks, the little boy realized that his bumps were all gone! After speaking with his mother, she was even amazed at his healing! It definitely is true that there is no such thing as a “Jr. Holy Spirit”. I’ve never felt God’s presence so strong in there with the kids like that Wednesday night we prayed and believe for the little boy’s bumps, I left with tears in my eyes! The Lord is truly touching these kids! A few of them have even heard the Lord calling their name during worship! I’m blown away by their faith, it has taught me so much about having unwavering faith in our God! We’ve got the most amazing group of children!
Outreaches: With Pastor Theo encouraging the “big people” to reach out to those in need, we thought it only necessary to teach these little ones about reaching out as well. For the next two weeks we will color pages that say “Jesus Loves You and So Do I.” After we are done with these activity pages we as a class pray over them and put them in the homeless ministry bags that are being handed out each Sunday after church. Hagan and I think its important to teach these little ones that even though we have everything we need, others do not and it is our responsibility as Christians to reach out to those hurting around us. Our vision is to raise up a generation that doesn’t see their needs more important than others around them.

Mia and Hagan Anderson oversee all of our children’s ministries at The Gathering Place.  They provide an amazing environment for your kids to grow in their relationship with God all the while making friends.


Little Ones Place

Little Ones Nursery is for infants and toddlers and is offered during Sunday morning and Wednesday gatherings.  As the needs of these young hearts are tended to by responsible and loving caretakers, the beginnings of a relationship with Jesus are also nurtured through playful interaction and worship.

Sunday Mornings

MyFriends Place

MyFriends Place is for preschool-aged students, and is offered during our Sunday morning gatherings.  In MyFriends Place loving teachers encourage these precious hearts with the truth that God made them, He loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever through lessons, activities, and worship.

HisKids Place

HisKids Place is for elementary-aged students and welcomes them to experience their own live worship and Bible teaching during the Sunday morning gatherings.  In addition they are discipled and taught in small groups by a mentor who encourages them as they grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.

Wednesday Evenings

Adventure Alley

ad·ven·ture – an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks, an exciting or remarkable experience “In the world you have tribulation, but take courage ; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

al·ley – a narrow street; especially : a thoroughfare through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:14

Our mission, for all who choose to accept it, is to discover more about God, through time together with Him, digging into, and doing, what He has spoken to us. My adventure is to discover who I am in Christ, how He so loves me, and how He is weaving me and my story, into His story. Christ has set us free, and for His glory, we are living like it!!

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