What We Believe

What We Believe

Principles We Live By

There are some important principles that we live by here at The Gathering Place, and those in covenant with us must commit to live by them also.

Supporting The Vision

“Can two walk together, except they agree?” – Amos 3:3

Agreement with the vision is critical for every member to consider. We expect every member to carefully consider the vision and purpose of our local body and be sure it’s in line with what God has called you to.

Getting Involved

Every member of The Gathering Place is important, and it’s vital that everyone finds a place where they can be involved and play an active role in the church. No job is insignificant and we need everyone. God wants to use you, whether you are shaking hands, rocking babies or preaching, it’s all important in God’s kingdom. In the next section, you will learn about all the possible opportunities for you to get involved here at TGP.

Submit To Leadership

All legitimate authority emanates from God Himself, and rebellion towards God’s appointed leaders is rebellion towards God. We expect all members of the The Gathering Place to respond to leadership in a Christ-like manner. We expect all of our members to bring any issues directly to the person over them. Going to others with your issue or going above your leaders’ head without first talking to them causes division.

Tithing Is The Key To God’s Blessings On Our Lives

Our giving of our tithes and offerings to God is an extension of our worship. It is an expression of our love for Him and an act of obedience to His word. God has promised to rebuke the devourer for our sake (malachi 3:11) when we give to His work. He promises to abundantly bless us when we put Him first in our finances.

We Value RelationshipsWe commit to preserve them by:

Faithfulness and Loyalty

“As the Lord lives and your soul lives, I will not leave you. I will be loyal to you. I will faithfully stand with you and not let you down.” 2 kings 2

Dealing Directly with Offenses

Jesus told us that if we have an offense with a brother of sister, to go to them privately. We are not to share our complaints with others. When we obey this principle, we can reconcile our problems easily.


We must treat each other with the utmost respect and value the words we say to each other. We also respect each other by not gossiping about anyone or listening to gossip. If you don’t put a stop to gossip, you’re just as guilty as the one spreading it. We must respect and protect each other as we would our natural family.